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Power outages: what to do with the food in your fridge or freezer?

In the event of a peak in electricity overconsumption this winter, occasional cuts may occur. This raises some questions, especially about freezing food.

A tense winter. In the context of an energy crisis, it is possible for power cuts to occur. In fact, the government has given RTE, the manager of the electricity transport network, to create a tool for monitoring national electricity consumption.

With the Ecowatt page, you can now keep an eye on the “river forecast”, for “responsible consumption”, the dedicated page shows. Like Météo France, Ecowatt uses color codes to warn users in periods of overconsumption. It is aimed at both private individuals and companies.

When the card turns red, the electrical system is very tight. Power cuts are therefore inevitable if no reduction in consumption is effective. This raises a question for households: what will happen to the food in the freezer?

No loss of frozen food

RTE, the leader of the electricity network, wants to be reassuring: “If by chance there is an interruption, this cut is two hours, it’s organized and in two hours you won’t lose your freezer. It is a protective measure for the French electricity system”, assesses its president, Xavier Piechaczyk TF1 News.

But in the case of load reduction, some good moves can be adopted: First, it is better to avoid opening the door of the refrigerator or freezer. If the door is left closed, a fridge can keep food cold for four to six hours, depending on how much food is inside – the less full it is, the faster it will heat up. The freezer can stay at the right temperature for 24 hours if half full and 48 hours if full, details BFM TV.

Good to know: to prevent bacteria from developing, it is recommended to clean your fridge and freezer before restocking it. Then, when the power comes back on, proceed to a careful check of the condition of your food, sorting will no doubt be necessary.

If the incision was short, you can save certain foods (hard cheeses, butter, eggs, fresh and whole fruits and vegetables, etc.). Others pose a real risk: meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, soft cheeses, fresh cream, milk (raw or unpasteurized), unopened yogurt, ready meals, egg-based dishes, fresh and cut fruits and vegetables, cooked fruits and vegetables, or even fresh fruit juice .

How do you know if your freezer has stopped working?

Le Figaro reports a trick that a simple coin can tell if our freezer has stopped working.

To do this, simply fill a ramekin with water and place it in the freezer. When the water is frozen, all that remains is to place a coin on the surface of the formed ice cube. This piece must always remain on the ice surface.

If it is found at the bottom of the ramekin, stuck in the ice, it is a sign that the water may have thawed and indicates that the freezer has stopped working for a period of time.



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