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Practical insurance. In which case can you cancel your insurance during the first year?

Of course, these reasons primarily relate to the disappearance of the risk to be insured, whether it is the destruction of the vehicle, its sale or even the death of the insured. But in addition to these extraordinary reasons, there are other grounds for termination that you can use. They actually correspond to a change in the insured’s situation.

These reasons are listed in Article L113-16 of the Insurance Act:

  • change of residence/relocation;
  • change in marital status;
  • change of matrimonial regime;
  • change of occupation;
  • professional retirement or permanent cessation of professional activity.

But in any case, for a change in the situation to justify the cancellation of car insurance, it is necessary that it changes the risk of being guaranteed to the insurance company!

The Insurance Act specifically specifies: “The insurance agreement can be terminated by either party when its purpose is to cover risks that are directly linked to the previous situation and which do not exist in the new situation. ยป

It is noted that in the event of termination due to a change in the insured’s situation, this can only be done within 3 months of the date of the event and will only take effect one month after the insurance company has been notified.



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