Precast concrete. Ready to commit and act for the ecological transition

On December 7 and 8, Montbeton municipality hosted the departmental days for citizen services with the theme “commit and act: ecological transition: it’s up to you!”

Forty young people met to discuss their commitment and prepare proposals for public decision-makers and associations.

Antonin, 20 years on a mission with two Epahd Montalbanis, has learned a lot, especially how to behave in front of an audience of older people.

MJ, 23, Filipina, on an international citizen service mission and Silvia, 23, Spanish, from the European Solidarity Corps, both carry out their mission in a LEP in Beaumont-de-Lomagne. They engage in daily dialogue with young people, in English and Spanish. Through this experience, they plan to become language teachers.

Guillaume, 22, carries out a mission with the town hall of Molières, where he participates in the development of the leisure center; he keeps his town alive on the intramural application.

These days, organized by La Ligue de l’enseignement, in collaboration with the Departmental Service of Youth, Engagement and Sports (SDJES), gave all these young people the opportunity to talk about their experiences and write sheets full of ideas about tomorrow’s missions linked to the ecological adjustment.

Each year approximately 300 young people perform a civic service subject to the National Service Code.

The young people send a special message to the local authorities, so they depend on citizen services to develop their communication with all the inhabitants of their municipality, especially in matters of ecological conversion and thus energy savings.

On Thursday, Catherine Fourcherot, sub-prefect and Danielle Bedos, mayor of Montbeton, participated in the recovery of the work carried out during these days, the content of which will be presented in mid-January in the presence of the supervisors and the partners of the department of citizen service: the productions will then be transmitted to the elected representatives, to the Citizen Service Agency and to the Minister for Youth and to SNU.

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