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PREDILIFE – Predilife expands its network of partner insurance brokers: Roederer integrates Multi-pathology Prevention Reports into its healthcare offering – 16/11/2022 – 18:00.

Villejuif, France, 16 November 2022, at 18.00 – PREDILIFE (Euronext Growth: ALPRE FR0010169920), a specialist in innovative pathology risk prediction solutions for personalized medicine, is pleased to announce a partnership with Roederer, the first independent large generalist broker. East. With this new signature, PREDILIFE brings the number of insurance brokers up to three, including the PREDILIFE offer in its catalog.

The thirteenth generalist broker in France and leading insurance broker in the Grand Est region, the Roederer Group has 300,000 protected individuals in France and more than 10,000 business clients. Roederer is fully involved in the prevention of serious diseases and stands out for the effective and innovative solutions it offers its members. It is in this context that the group decided to integrate multipathological assessments into its offer. Thus, Roederer’s sales network will now offer all its customer companies the solution developed by PREDILIFE.

“We thank Roederer for his trust. The group is a century-old broker and has a long-term vision for its and its clients’ development. Roederer’s DNA matches ours, and we can expect many fruits from this alliance.” concludes St├ęphane Ragusa, CEO and founder of PREDILIFE.

About Roederer

The Roederer Group was founded in 1893 in Strasbourg and is the 13thth general broker in France and 1eh insurance broker in the Grand Est region. We are delegated management of more than 20 insurance companies, mutual companies and pension funds. As an insurance broker, the Roederer Group puts its extensive experience in commercial insurance brokerage at your disposal and offers solutions tailored to your needs.

About Predilife

PREDILIFE is a pioneering company in the design and development of predictive tests that can allow each person to define their risk profile for the occurrence of serious diseases. It uses artificial intelligence methods applied to clinical medical data, genetics, imaging… PREDILIFE markets Mammorisk in Europe┬«a breast cancer risk prediction test and a multipathology prediction test.

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