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premiums increase due to windshields

Campaigns to change your windscreen are increasing

Nintendo Switch Light, tires, places for amusement parks, Apple products… the networks that deal with replacing windshields or injecting resin in the event of a collision are increasing their efforts to attract customers. A well-established market that pays big: regardless of the final amount of the repair, the brands have no loss. ” The repair company presents the invoice to the insurance company, which is obliged to pay “, explains France Assureurs in an article in Parisian. And it is expensive for the insurance companies.

The newspaper gives a concrete example: the submitted invoice for the replacement of the windscreen on a Citroën C4. It can go from 1,000 to 1,630 euros, depending on the professional. Above all, explains France Assureurs, with non-approved brands, on average more expensive than approved brands. And it is precisely they who create the most important and attractive campaigns.



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