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Prévoir launches a pension solution dedicated to TNS

The group is already present in this activity segment via the subsidiary Prévoir-Vie and is strengthening its position and launching a new welfare offer for the unemployed (TNS). The distribution will be ensured by its network of advisors who will address all statuses, from artisans to entrepreneurs.

The special feature of this offer lies in the integration of services that meet the needs of TNS both in their professional and personal lives, such as legal protection or home help.explains Doria Cherkaski, Prévoir-Vie Marketing and Communications Director. The insurance guarantees are thus accompanied by services such as psychosocial support or administrative services. This solution provides personal protection for the professional, his entrepreneurial activity and his family.

In 2021, the Prévoir group recorded a consolidated record profit of 49.1 million euros, an increase of 31.8% over a year. Insurance activities accounted for 70% of revenue and contributed 5.4 million euros to the increase in consolidated income. Its revenue showed a growth of 4.5% to 608 million euros. The insurance company had presented its first strategic plan earlier this year.




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