Price increase! Keep an eye out for insurance increases in January

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As every year on January 1, insurance prices rise: the most affected products are often those that are mandatory:

– Housing
– Office multi-risk
– Public responsibility
– Mutual
– Foresight
– Automotive

These insurances represent incompressible expenses for a company, and reducing them makes it possible to generate savings. Therefore, it is important to look carefully at the effective dates and notices to question them at each deadline and to play the competition.

Professional insurance: when to cancel?

Professionals do not benefit from the Hamon Law and can terminate their contracts in specific situations:

– expiry of the contract: the termination letter must be sent by post with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 2 months before the automatic renewal date
– cessation of activity;
– retirement;
– Changing the marriage arrangement;
– moving to multi-risk premises
– resale of vehicles
premium increase; for the latter, it is the simplest when prices increase by more than 12%

The following types of insurance are covered by this scheme: TNS mutual, TNS provision, multi-risk, group mutual, group provision and commercial liability.

For the mutualSince December 1, 2020, it is also possible to terminate the company mutually after expiration under one condition: the contract must be at least 12 months old, Decree No. 2020-1438 allows you to terminate your health insurance at any time after the first 12 months of engagement .



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