Prince Laurent received his sweater made from Bobtail dog hair at Berloz

It was last Friday that the king’s brother went to Berloz to receive this unusual present. Received by the municipal authorities, the children of the school and the beneficiaries of Haut Regard, Laurent came with ease, showing himself very interested in the process.

It is the Handi-Bob association which is at the origin of this visit. The non-profit association aims to put Bobtail dogs in contact with people with disabilities. “They are very intelligent and affectionate dogs who adapt to all situations, notes Anne-Marie Bada, the Berlozian member of the association and knitter of the sweater. We had met him in Namur a few months ago and had explained to him that we could weave the wool of bobtails. He was very interested and that’s how the idea of ​​giving him a sweater came about.”

Via the association, the owners of bobtails were therefore asked to provide their dog’s hair. “It took dozens of dogs to harvest 3 kg, details Anne-Marie Bada. Not by mowing them but by recovering the hairs when we brush our dogs!”

Anne-Marie started knitting the sweater last May. “I didn’t have the dimensions of the prince. So I worked on the basis of photos. But it’s not easy to weave because the wool is not very regular and you have to be careful not to make holes Nevertheless, it is a very pleasant wool, softer than sheep’s wool.”

Prince Laurent apparently left delighted with his visit and his gift. “We talked about developing other projects with the bobtails and the school children.”


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