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Processed foods: Real sugar bombs

If you thought sugar was only found in cookies or candy, think again. It turns out that even salty foods are sometimes high in sugar. Check out these high sugar foods that hide their game well.

Sugar is “almost” always present on our plates!

Sometimes we actually find sugar even where we don’t expect it. This food is present in processed foods, which account for 90% of all the added sugar we consume. This is according to a study published in 2016 in the BJM Journal.

The result of this study? 3 out of 4 people eat more added sugar than they should. That’s why you have to watch your diet and keep an eye on certain foods. If you thought salty products didn’t contain sugar, you’d be wrong.

This is exactly the trap! In fact, an excess of sugar is dangerous for health because in some cases it causes hyperglycemia. You will understand, try to eliminate sugar for the benefit of your health.

Food: Canned soups

Food: Canned soups

To help you deal with this affliction… the Presse Santé website has shared the foods you should be wary of to avoid consuming too much sugar. The Leenkus editors have therefore listed the most surprising of them. We therefore start with a food that we do not suspect of being high in sugar. Canned soup!

You should know that for 1.5 cups of soup you can actually drink 15 grams of sugar. Even worse, those with tomatoes, which are especially sweet to reduce the acidity of this fruit. To make a salt + sugar combination that is not ideal for your health… All you have to do is salt your soup yourself before consuming it. Pay attention to the composition of ready-made soups before you buy them.

Food: Salad dressing

Food: Salad dressing

Sweet food! And yes, contrary to what you might think, vinaigrette also contains sugar.

Some of them contain up to 6 grams of sugar per serving. Result ? Our salad is no longer light and healthy. Be very careful as the Presse Santé website explains that: “Light and fat-free versions tend to be the highest in added sugar. When manufacturers remove fat from a product, they often add more sugar to replace the taste”.

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce

In addition to the above foods, tomato sauce also contains sugar. In general, we are actually advised to put sugar in the tomato sauce to break the acidity.

Result ? Commercial sauces contain a lot of sugar, more specifically glucose syrup and other added sugars that are not natural. Judgment? Some pot sauces contain up to 4 g in a half cup. So choose natural canned tomatoes, which will be less sweet.

The dried fruit

The dried fruit

However, be careful with these foods. Some dried fruits such as dried cranberries can contain “up to 27 g of added sugar, in addition to the sugars naturally present in the fruit. Sugar levels tend to be higher in dried fruits, which are naturally acidic,” says Presse Santé Pay attention to the words “no added sugar” Be careful !




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