Sunday, June 4, 2023


To the Ministry of Sports, CONOR, the Football League and the National Olympic Committee. Since competitions have become regular in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, not a year has passed without traffic accidents, in addition to injuries during matches and training.

Young footballers have lost their lives, others have been seriously injured with consequences that compromise their future.

The careers of these young people are thus shattered, without effective support or payment of compensation proportionate to the damage suffered.

Often the leaders play the Good Samaritans in front of TV cameras without any real follow-up.

I think that CONOR should introduce INSURANCE in the new texts of FEGUIFOOT. Referees, players and supervisors in Ligues 1 and 2 must be covered by personal accident insurance contracts in their sporting activities and in their private life.

In the event of an accident, the benefits of this contract will relate to 3 basic elements:

1. Effective management of injured players for all care until the consolidation of the lesions.

2. Payment of compensation to players in case of disability (reduction of their physical potential).

3. Payment of compensation to the player’s family in the event of death as a result of an accident.

It will be necessary to negotiate this insurance agreement well, so that the insured capital in connection with the care and compensation is high.

This is a sure guarantee for our athletes who need to stop running around begging managers for the lowest cost of dressing.

In general, the support that the leaders claim in front of the cameras is nothing more than populism, as the injured young people are abandoned in the wake of the accidents.

CONOR, the Professional League and the clubs must make it another priority. All you have to do is include an insurance section in the annual budget.

A small part of the allocation awarded by FIFA could also cover the insurance premium for all the players leading our L1 and L2 championships.

The choice of insurance company must be taken seriously with all the necessary precautions regarding the risks and the capital to be guaranteed as well as the premium to be paid for the policy year. It is unthinkable that our local athletes are not covered by an insurance contract.

This applies to all sports associations that regularly organize competitions.

The Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports should consider it to make it a rule.

Let’s not wait for the IOC or FIFA to impose it on us. It is a matter of common sense. We know the realities of our roads, the condition of our grounds, the living conditions and the dreams of our athletes. Let us reflect on the interest of these poor young people, which gives us joy.

On good terms, Hello!



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