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Providence sends skeletal dog volunteer determined to save her life

The good deed of a volunteer allowed a stray and extremely thin dog to live. Woopets wanted to tell you his moving story.

You’ve probably heard this Peruvian proverb: Animals are the angels of this earth. We can say that volunteers acting in favor of animal welfare are equally so. Many lives have already been saved thanks to their efforts and unwavering dedication.

In Canada, a new “miracle” has happened. A young dog, about 4 months old, wandered like a lost soul in nature. The poor beast looked like a skeleton on legs. A passerby who saw him contacted Siobhan Richwhich has devoted 30 years of its existence to the rescue of hairballs of all kinds.

Arrived on the spot, a vision of horror appeared to the volunteer. ” The female dog was in the worst shape I’ve ever seen “, she declared to our colleagues from Salmon Arm Observer.

12 kg in 3 weeks

Neither one nor two Siobhan took the emaciated creature under his wing. With the support of the president of her rescue group, the Shuswap Paws Rescue Society, the volunteer took her protege to a veterinary clinic. ” He [le praticien] thought he had 2 or 3 days left to live “, she said not without feeling pain. But the animal did not hear it that way.

Endowed with an iron will, the patient has masterfully recovered thanks to her guardian angel. Indeed, the one who helped her escape from hell set up a foster family and provided her with a plethora of care. ” She went from 12 kg to 24 kg in 3 weeks », rejoiced Siobhan.

The survivor still has a long way to go before achieving complete recovery. A journey that she will follow under the benevolent eye of her benefactress. Siobhan is a providence for the female dog!

Illustration of the article: Providence sends a skeletal dog a volunteer determined to save her life

© Shuswap Paws Rescue Society

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Towards a happy ending?

Following this beautiful rescue, the good soul decided to baptize the survivor “ Miracle “. A first name that suits her perfectly, knowing that she has thwarted the dark prognoses of the veterinarian.

Proposed for adoption, the pretty Miracle has already aroused the interest of many people. After going through tough times, the rock-solid dog is ready to start a new chapter in her life with a loving family. But who will be the lucky winner?




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