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PS5 VS Xbox Series: Microsoft’s winning strategy in the US?

news culture PS5 VS Xbox Series: Microsoft’s winning strategy in the US?

Happy New Year everyone ! The editors wish you good luck in 2023! On the daily menu for this Monday, January 2nd, we’re going to talk about the PS5 Versus Xbox Series figures in the US, and it’s very tight! Then we continue with the big leak of HBO content on the OCS service. Finally, we end this column with the return of Fortnite to iOS. The Daily, let’s go!


  • PlayStation 5 Versus Xbox Series: an extremely close duel in the US?
  • OCS says goodbye to its HBO content
  • Fortnite back on iOS soon?

PlayStation 5 Versus Xbox Series: an extremely close duel in the US?

It has already been two years since the productions of Play Station 5 and Xbox Series were launched. Today we are interested in the sales results for 2022 and we see a rather close duel between the two new generation consoles! At the beginning of the year, since VGChartz, which specializes in collecting data related to video game sales, unveils its first estimate of sales between Sony and Microsoft in the United States. conclusion, Xbox reportedly sold 9.32 million consolesone batch less than its direct competitor, which accounts for almost 10.32 million sales for its Play Station 5. A finding that would help to better understand why Sony until then refused to raise the prices of its little gem, which potentially turns out to be the winner of this face-to-face. If the Redmond company does not comment, it remains to be seen whether this assessment is confirmed and whether the end of the deficiency intends to change the situation.

OCS says goodbye to its HBO content

A sad New Year’s Eve for the SVOD OCS service, which for a long time was spoiled by the quality content that came directly from the American channel HBO. The streaming platform’s customers have become accustomed to freely enjoying series such as Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Euphoria, Westworld and The Sopranos. Titles very popular with the public that theoretically could not be found anywhere else in France. The contract that united OCS with Warner, which manages the rights for HBO in SVOD in France, ended on Saturday, December 31, 2022. At the same time, the project that allowed Warner Bros to launch HBO Max in France, with therefore exclusivity on HBO content , has been discontinued. Unlike the breach of contract with OCS, which finally says goodbye to its American series, so appreciated by its users. Currently, no SVOD platform has announced that it will take over the distribution of HBO content on French territory. If some rumors already designate Amazon Prime and Canal + as heirs, the broadcast of the series The Last of Us is fast approaching, leaving us for the moment without a television station to enjoy it from home.

Fortnite back on iOS soon?

The cold war between the publisher of Fortnite and the Apple brand is likely to continue for a few more years. As a reminder, Epic Games criticizes Apple for monopolizing the iOS application market. After a first trial, which obviously did not satisfy either party, the legal battle continues! Things have obviously changed since last December. First, Apple refused to integrate the Epic Game Store into its iOS system without giving a reason. After that, the company must comply with a new European rule that requires application installers to end their monopoly. This means that third-party app stores can soon launch their ecosystems on iOS. Fortnite’s potential return therefore reflects recent tweets from the Epic boss: “Next Year on iOS” is “Next Year on iOS”. The set comes with a beautiful image of Fortnite celebrating the new year. Tim Sweeney is certainly very confident that his brand and his game will return to the Apple ecosystem. The Daily is over!



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