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Pyrénées-Orientales: Marina’s refuge in Céret to rescue 20 starving cats trapped in an apartment

The surviving cats were taken in by the shelter Céret for treatment.

Horror, in an apartment in Reynès. It was the owner who alerted the association Marina Un refuge pour Céret to the situation where there were about twenty cats at her tenants’, a few absent according to her for at least a week.

On January 4, the association’s volunteers also noticed the terrible condition the felines were in through the window of the accommodation. “We warned our lawyer Véronique Valls, who herself warned the prosecutor”, explains Marina, manager of the shelter. The next day, January 5, the gendarmes from Arles-sur-Tech and the volunteers returned home. And makes terrible discoveries: “The litter boxes were full, there was excrement everywhere. One cat had just died. Another had died and been eaten by its littermate. The others were skeletal.”, details Marina. A third died during the night, despite the care of volunteers, from malnutrition. Seventeen cats aged 2 to 5 years are now welcomed at the shelter, which the trainers are working to save.

The volunteers were able to discuss with the owner of the cats: “He told us he loved his cats, he took care of them. He told us he was only gone for two days, first for his mother’s funeral, then his grandmother’s, so he wasn’t there, because he had to go to a job interview. But given the condition of the cats, he left them for well over two days”Marina adds.

A complaint has been filed: “I hope that the penalty will be severe and that he will be banned from keeping animals for life”she is indignant.



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