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Quillan: Hauts de l’Aude ready for a new musical season

To convey the city’s image through music, such is the mission of the 57 musicians in the Hauts de l’Aude.

Saturday the 28th On 1 January, the musicians from the Hauts de l’Aude met for their general assembly in the presence of Sophie Bouttier, assistant in charge of arrangements, representing Pierre Castel.

President Sylvie Ballestrin opened the session by thanking those present and then reported on the activity report, which was voted unanimously, detailing the workforce and activities for 2022, 57 musicians, including 20 women, 37 men and 31 excursions. One of the most striking in terms of fun was Portiragnes, a phenomenal success, where the band was very well received by the inhabitants, who still talk about this unforgettable day. In addition to the parades and traditional outings, the Hauts de l’Aude took part in solidarity in the concert organized by Rotary in favor of multiple sclerosis, as well as in the Montreal festival and the KTM rally in September. A weak point was raised regarding certain outings, particularly the parades, which struggle to gather a significant number of musicians.

Hauts de l’Aude conveys the image of the city through music, including the indispensable parades, but also outdoor excursions such as the carnival in Limoux “, declares Jules Bouchou, treasurer of the association.

He then presented the financial statements with a positive result and detailed the investments associated with the association, in particular the acquisition of jazz music in collaboration with the Confédération Musicale de France. He emphasized the participation of the Hauts de l’Aude in the financing of certain expenses of the music school, copier and electricity, a significant contribution to the maintenance of this school, a breeding ground for new musicians, some of whom then join the Heights. by Aude. The municipality is very sensitive to the solidarity between the Hauts de l’Aude and the music school. The very positive feedback from your excursions represents a good showcase for the city “, says Sophie Bouttier.

Among the various issues, the holding of office meetings at a fixed pace to discuss various topics was discussed.

The President then gave the dates for the 2023 outings in Quillan and the surrounding towns and mentioned a new bandas festival in Coursan in June, a flagship musical event that shines in the Hauts de l’Aude beyond Quillan. We start this new season with the same momentum and dynamism that drives us at every turn to the delight of the audience, whom we thank for their loyalty. concludes the president.

The unchanged office is composed of the president Sylvie Ballestrin, vice-president Dominique Duchâteau, treasurer Jules Bouchou, assistant treasurer Aimé Vizcaïno, secretary Marie-Pierre Grauby, assistant secretary Agnès Refflet.



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