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Ready to face the Issigeacoise force

“Capelan teams 1 and 2 are eager to return to the field, even and above all to fight with one of the big chickens, Issigeac. Ready to go to enemy soil”, according to Loïc Marchoux, one of ​​the few players in the club to have the last harsh memories in Dordogne country. Especially since this slotted calendar cuts through the motions by rekindling the desire to play.

“It will be a complicated trip against a strong group at the front of the standings, in a homogeneous pool, explains Clément Noninck. But everything is possible. As always, we will go with tenfold determination by giving everything, as every time we are in the field. ” And his friend Florian Delcoustal added: “Of course we are thinking of a victory, but we remain humble, we still have a lot of work to be able to claim at the top of the table. It will be a real test to place ourselves in especially in leadership and character”.

The group lives well, always motivated, hardworking and in a good mood. All the boys, with significant returns of wounded or “lost sheep” returned to the fold (Jordan Bataille and Dylan Martinet), refine, repeat tirelessly for the success of this little extra, which will make us pass even against more powerful. An intense battle, traditional Périgord-Agenais derby, not to be missed.

The group: A. and R. Coupé, Boucharel, Setze, Laffon, Huard, Cabannes, Gouyou, Auger, Ruddick, L. and T. Groscassang, Dastic, Meytadier, Chateaureynaud, Caminade, Y. and C. Noninck, Malby.



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