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Real estate: Renting without a deposit is possible with Pautions

Pautionsthe insurance that simplifies the rental

Paution’s ambition is to make life easier for tenants by giving them the opportunity to save on the deposit while protecting the owner as much as possible. Since last July, Proptech has been marketing Zero Deposit insurance.

This insurance is the first alternative in France to the security deposit required when renting a property. It replaces the deposited amount and offers the same guarantees as a “classic security deposit”. It is available to everyone: employees, students, unemployed, pensioners, self-employed, etc., without documents to present. In two minutes, the tenant gets his provisional certificate to attach to his rental file. Enough to present a serious profile!

If we have created insurance that replaces the collateral, it is because this is the first case in real estate, explains Ariel Naccache, founder of Tenants, owners, real estate agents, all actors are concerned. A solution like ours exists in Switzerland, Germany, the USA… Nothing in France. We believe that within 3 years the “classic” deposit will be completely abolished and replaced by Zero Deposit insurance..”

The benefits of the magical potion for tenants

Using Zero Deposit insurance allows tenants to save the payment of the deposit: 1 month’s rent in the case of an empty rental, 2 months in the case of a furnished rental. An always noticeable gain when expenses accumulate: moving, buying furniture, work…

The cost of Zero Deposit insurance? ” It is attractive, it represents 0.09% of the rental amountr,” says Ariel Naccache.

The benefits of the magical potion for owners

The benefit of Zero Deposit insurance for the owner? ” It is obvious. There are no fees to be paid by the landlord“, continues Ariel Naccache. In the event of a disagreement during the initial assessment, any damage is covered. Zero Deposit insurance covers them up to 200% of the rental amount (100% of the rental amount for damages + 100% of the rental amount for any unpaid rent). Rebuilt, the home can therefore be rented out more quickly and generate a profit.

Benefits for real estate agents

Pautions provides its solution free of charge to estate agents. Paution’s IT tool integrates easily with management software, so you can send a one-click zero deposit insurance subscription link (the estate agent is paid for each subscription) and monitor their tenants’ contracts. Other features are available, such as Zero Deposit insurance calculators that integrate with rental listings on real estate agency websites.

This innovation allows real estate agents to:

  • save time collecting and managing security deposits.
  • rent faster because rent is without a deposit, which makes them more attractive.
  • stand out from their competitors.

Rediscovered trust between landlord and tenant

Pautions’ solution helps restore trust in the landlord/tenant relationship because 2/3 of the disputes between landlords and tenants today are related to the return of security deposits: non-payment of last month’s rent, disputes over costs and liability for damages… Pautions then becomes the intermediary between tenants and owners, and everything becomes easier for everyone.

Finalist in the innovation award RENT

Pautions is one of the 8 finalists for the innovation trophy, which gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of real estate experts, rejoices Ariel Naccache. We are happy to see the big names in real estate being sensitive to our solution and this will make for a better and fairer France. The requests for partnerships exceed our expectations, so it is very promising for the continuation of Pautions. We are finalizing partnerships that will enable us to have 2,600 Pautions partner agencies. Other partnerships are being integrated such as Buy Rent, Properstar etc. ยป



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