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Redundancies at Compin: employees are “ready to get into the rough”

Employees and representatives of the CGT were present in front of the Compin site in Évreux on Friday, October 7, 2022. ©Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux

The announcement was brutal. On 23 August 2022, back from holiday, the employees got in Comp learned that they should undergo a mass firing. 55 of the 113 remaining jobs on site‘Evreux (Eure), which belongs to the manufacturer of train seats, TGV metro and bus, had indicated the CGT in a press release on August 26.

A lawsuit

Compin’s Social and Economic Committee (CSE) seized the court of Evreuxexplains the Norman investigative media Squid in an article published on 11 October. Civil action has been taken to suspend the job protection plan. These are, according to CSE’s lawyer Nicolas Capron, several errors in Compin’s guidance on certain mandatory consultations over the past three years. “A crime of obstruction,” the defendant claims.

However, PES has very little chance of being suspended, Le Poulpe was told by a union source. “We condemn above all the fact that the management ignores the labor law”, emphasizes a representative of the CGT. Response is expected around November 9, 2022.

The region betrayed

Since the publication of the job protection plan, the employees have met with the public authorities and tried to warn local and national elected officials, such as the Minister of Economy, Mayor Brunoand Public investment bankother shareholder in Compin.

The regional chairman, on his part, Herve Morin, had lamented “an unacceptable betrayal of the word given”. Normandy had invested in the Évreux site to produce seats for Omnéo trains, the directors of manufacturer Bombardier asked [racheté entre temps par Alstom] to “do work as much as possible for Norman companies”. But the Region’s indignation did not follow through. “It will be necessary to reactivate Hervé Morin”, launches a representative of the CGT of Compin.

Target attack

Present during demonstration on September 29 and gathered in front of their factory this Friday, October 7, the employees are not going to let it go. “The fight is there, we are not complaining. We think we will enter the difficult next week, warns the trade union representative. Our goal is the strike. »

From 400 in 2010 (280 employees and 120 temps), the Compin Ebroïcien site has grown to 113 employees today to reach 58 whose job saving plan is confirmed. “They say we are dead branches to cut, release the union man in front of the employees mobilized in front of the factory and took up the words that the CEO had addressed to the employees. But he is the one who has to cope. »

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Threatened by a job security plan, Compin employees will not stop the fight.
Threatened by a job security plan, Compin employees will not stop the fight. © Cyril Roy

“Stay united, all jobs must remain. Your fight is the most just,” said Olivier Guillot, general secretary of the CGT, present at the site to show the union’s full support for the workers.

A call to public authorities

Far from the Bilan application, Compin has had a profit this year, union representatives say. The group has a growth of around 30%.

“All that’s missing is the will of the shareholders and the public services and we’re off again for fifteen years. »

A union representative from Compin.

Celine Brulin, senator from Seine-Maritime, also made the trip this Friday to send a message to employees: “We must find solutions to prevent the massacre. Public power, the state must make its voice heard”, she explains and calls for “nothing to put pressure on Compin” and believes that “the law must go further when public money is put on the table”.

She sent a letter to Minister Bruno Le Maire asking him to act.

“This social plan follows a decision to move production to Poland. This strategic choice has been made without concern for the industrial future of the residential area or the human tragedies that this may cause. It is all the more incomprehensible as the company was supported by the public authorities with the grant of a state-guaranteed loan of 5.9 million euros at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. »

Céline Brulin, Senator for Seine-Maritime (PCF)

She also criticizes the management of the group, which “constantly seeks to demonstrate that the Évreux site is not profitable” and calls on the minister to bring together “Alstom, SNCF, RATP as well as all actors to organize the sector around the known -how of our companies so that no one is left behind and that the Évreux site is not abandoned”.

Railway, a lively market

In these times of calls for energy sobriety, the train has an important place. “Railway is a lively market in France. And we are stuck with a redundancies plan! It is not acceptable.” Condemning the bosses’ lack of interest, even contempt for them, a CGT representative for Compin points out the lack of investment at the site of Évreux , where the management prefers to bet on the factory in Poland. “The money that the public authorities give to Compin goes to Poland”, sums up the representative.

In general, the unions criticize “the pressure from investment funds for relocation production units of the Compin-Fainsa group in Spain, Poland and Turkey”.

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