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“Register and get ready to vote,” advises Raymond Ndong Sima.

Raymond Ndong Sima, former Prime Minister of Gabon

Our country suffers from many diseases. One of them is the received ideas that lead one and the other more often to Kongossa than to the real facts. And these same people do not accept the consequences of their attitude.

In 2016, citizens’ participation in the presidential election was as follows:

Registered: 627,805 voters

Voters: 373,310 voters

Blank or invalid ballots: 16,420 voters

Votes cast: 356,890 voters

Participation rate: 59.56%

What do these numbers say?

First of all, that 41 out of 100 registered voters did not vote, leaving the fate of the country in the hands of 59 people, knowing that all the CEOs were mobilized;

Second: that 3 voters among those who participated finally concluded that for them it was the same opposition as a majority and voted blank or zero;

So actually: 43 people out of 100 said to themselves: I don’t care about the result

How many of us have looked at these numbers?

Subsequently, many of these 43 people, who otherwise let their friends and relatives believe they had voted, pleaded fraud in order not to face the consequences of their choices and their behavior.

You must register.

You must vote for or against.

The situation does not allow for neutrality.

Raymond Ndong Sima, former Prime Minister.



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