Resolution: “We are ready! “says the rebellious MP Manuel Bompard

“We are ready”. In Public Audition, the political program of the Public Sénat and the LCP, in partnership with Le Figaro Live, Manuel Bompard confirmed that he did not fear the threat of dissolution presented by the executive.

“It is a battle of attrition. We’ll see who is the first to crack.”

“We are in a permanent election campaign. We had candidates. They are always in action […] we are present on earth”. Deputy LFI explains the axes of this hypothetical campaign. “We would campaign on wage increases, Smic (to 1500 euros), the ecological transition, blocking the prices of basic necessities as we commit to move towards a sixth republic.”

Within Nupes, however, dissonant voices are beginning to be heard on the second vote of no confidence put forward by La France Insoumise. “A tactical disagreement”, said the guest from the parliamentary channels. “What other tool do we have to respond to a forced government transition? […] It’s a battle of attrition. We’ll see who is the first to crack. Me, I’m in good shape, I’m fine.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon to lead the battle

Who will lead this legislative campaign in the event of dissolution? Manuel Bompard confirms that if there is no “leader” in France Insoumise, it is nevertheless Jean-Luc Mélenchon who would lead the battle. “Of course”. “I think he would resume his position as spokesperson for La France Insoumise and I hope for Nupes.”

A role which, however, could be discussed in France Insoumise’s ranks. Members of Parliament François Rufin and Clémentine Autain have distanced themselves from the former presidential candidate’s strategy. “I spoke with Clémentine Autain last week. If there was a dissolution tomorrow, I don’t think she would offer to lead the legislative campaign instead of Jean-Luc Mélenchon,” he swept away.

Finally, Manuel Bompard indicated that in the event of dissolution, the candidates who were invested a few months ago would remain again “with few exceptions”. Targeted by a domestic violence complaint, Adrien Quatennens could be one of those exceptions. “We’ll see”, avoided Manuel Bompard cautiously.

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