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Retirement: Strengthen life insurance at age 60

In life insurance, you do not have to invest all of your savings in the fund in euros. Continue to diversify into equity funds, admittedly unsecured but potentially more rewarding. (© Fotolia)

The time for retirement is near. Find out more about the size of your pension and your future tax situation. And adjust your wealth strategy accordingly.

At 60, although the time for retirement has not yet arrived for most French people, it is time to put your resources, your savings and your future needs out.

If you have had a straight and flexible career as a civil servant or private employee without a period of unemployment, you can already now have a clear vision of what you will get in retirement. This is not necessarily the case if you have often changed employers, chained periods of work and long periods of illness or left the employee system to create your business.

Use the [email protected] simulator

It is time to check the information about your professional background that the administration has. See your individual situation statement (RIS) on the portal. It shows all the quarters contributed year by year, employer by employer, since your first student job. It calculates what is left to get full pension without discount.

Problem, this statement often contains omissions such as increases for children or for military service. Also check that the stated salaries or activity income correspond to the payslips and activity certificates that you have carefully kept. In the event of a difference, this will affect the amount of the supplementary pension. Report them





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