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Review your insurance contracts in 2022

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The year 2022 is not over, but it is already upset by many events. To save money, you need to change your habits on different levels. More and more people choose to take stock of their various contracts. Car, motorcycle or house insurance, all the guarantees are examined with the aim of signing a cheaper or better adapted contract. If you also want to reduce your insurance budget, without sacrificing your protection, you can count on Leocare.

Leocare, 25% cheaper prices

Leocare is therefore a new generation insurance, which has 240 employees, 100,000 customers and no branch. If Leocare stands out so much from other insurances, it is because it is 100% dematerialized. You won’t find a Leocare agency near you. If you want to take out an insurance contract, you must download the application. It has already been downloaded more than 600,000 times. Contract management is also done from this application with a few clicks. For example, you can add warranties, cancel warranties and even upload documents. The use of the electronic signature is of course used. Quotation requests are made in 1 minute and signing up for a contract in less than 4 minutes. Certificates are immediately available.

This operation makes it possible to provide power to the insured. The latter take control of their contracts through the application and personalize the guarantees. They save 25% on their previous contracts, with the same benefits. This reduction is not insignificant in this period when everyone is looking to save money.

Leocare, contracts truly adapted to policyholders’ needs

Leocare distinguishes itself by offering its policyholders insurance that perfectly suits their needs at attractive prices. To achieve this, Leocare offers car, motorcycle and home insurance. For each of them, several levels of guarantees are offered. For car insurance and motorcycle insurance, policyholders thus have the choice between the Third-Party, Third-Party+ and All Risks formulas. Thus, people who drive very little can choose basic insurance, and those who use their vehicle on a daily basis can choose optimal protection. For home insurance, the principle is the same. Policyholders choose their level of cover from 3 formulas: Eco, Medium and Premium.

All these contracts include civil liability. They also provide protection against theft, vandalism, fire, water damage, climatic events, natural and technological disasters, attacks and other acts of terrorism. These guarantees have become essential in 2022. To ensure that the protection reflects your image, you will be able to adjust certain guarantees. At home insurance level, you can thus assess the value of your movable property, but also the value of your valuables such as jewellery, works of art or musical instruments.

Motorcycle insurance goes further by offering the winterization option, which can be beneficial for people who work part-time at home. Insured persons can benefit from 150 days of winterization when they are not using their two-wheelers. Depending on the number of days used, the rate is adjusted. It is also when the possibilities change. Policyholders thus benefit from insurance with optimal coverage.

Claims management is also simplified. Which is a big plus. Indeed, after an event, policyholders do not want to spend too much time managing the administration. From the Leocare application, they can upload all the documents and photos that allow quick compensation. Depending on the contract entered into, they can receive up to €500 per person to buy basic necessities, cleaning hours to put their house in order or secure their home.

Leocare is a new generation insurance that multiplies actions to best meet policyholders’ needs, but also to support them well when they need it most. Furthermore, 97% of Leocare policyholders remain after an injury. Thanks to a different operation, the insurance manages to lower rates and save money for the French. If you also want to check your insurance, you can download the Leocare application and get quotes with a few clicks. Do you need help or information? Leonconseillers are available via email, social media and by appointment.



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