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Richard Sédillot calls for further support “those who fight for freedom”

6:45 p.m., October 15, 2022

Here is his platform. “Jina Amini died on September 16, after three days of detention during which the Iranian morality police inflicted inhuman treatment on her. This 22-year-old young woman was accused of having revealed a few strands of hair. Before stealing his young life, the Iranian regime had already stolen his identity. She had a Kurdish first name, Jina, which the Iranian civil registry had refused to register so that her parents had to choose a Persian first name, Mahsa, for administrative purposes. His death outraged Iran and the world and was the starting point for the riots during which the Iranian people, with a courage that commands our admiration, simply demand access to the most essential freedoms.

Each of us feels particularly helpless in the face of the massacres perpetrated by the regime in place and wonders what he can try to do in support of this movement for freedom. I had not imagined, by proposing to French actresses and lawyers to participate in a video on which we see them symbolically cutting a lock of hair, that this small initiative could meet with such success.

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Actress Golshifteh Farahani took up this video on her Instagram account and thanked her “French sisters”. The comments that follow this publication are particularly moving. The thanks of Iranian women are counted in the hundreds of thousands. Our expressions of support may seem trivial, but they are essential. The Iranian people are hostage to a regime of unlimited cruelty. The deaths number in the dozens, including children, arbitrary arrests and disappearances are unfortunately no longer counted, torture is widely practiced in prisons, massacres have been committed in Iranian Kurdistan and Baluchistan: these crimes would fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court if Iran had ratified the Treaty of Rome establishing this court.

This is unfortunately not the case, and, while awaiting legal or diplomatic initiatives, we must use the weapons which are ours today, and which make it possible to show our support and ward off oblivion. This is also what our Iranian sisters and brothers are asking for.

So let’s hope that the players of the big football teams will wear, when entering the stadium, a T-shirt printed with the slogan “Women, life, freedom” ; imagine that the great monuments of the world will bear the colors of freedom and the portraits of the victims; let us dream for a moment that in all free countries there will be demonstrations during which the participants will sing together Bella ciao, which has become the anthem of this freedom movement. We have no political function and cannot influence the course of diplomacy. Let’s do what is possible for us: let’s show unconditional and permanent support, this is also what those who are fighting for freedom in Iran are asking of us, and who, let’s not forget, are thus fighting for the freedom of all of us. . »



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