Riona, the burnt dog, has been operated on and continues her journey to recovery


4 months after being the victim of an act of rare cruelty, Riona continues to fight to recover. This courageous dog does it with the help of veterinarians and the association that has taken care of her since the attack, which occurred last summer.

Rionathe dog saved in extremis after being set on fire, underwent a skin graft yesterday and is due to receive another soon, reported FOX13. His torturer had been identified a month after the events and arrested.

Last June, almost Memphis in the state of Tennessee, residents had rescued a dog discovered in flames. A resident had sprinkled her with water using a bucket, then the animal, a one-year-old Pitbull cross, had been taken to the veterinary emergency room of the clinic Bluff City Veterinary Specialists.

Severe burns over more than 60% of his body, Riona was in terrible pain. However, his state of health has improved considerably since then, thanks to the care received and his support by the local association. Tails of Hope Dog Rescue.

His story had also moved many people, both in the United States and elsewhere. Donations and gifts continue to pour in from all sides.

Illustration of the article: Riona, the burnt alive dog, has been operated and continues on her road to recovery
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The investigation by the police Memphis led to the identification and arrest of a suspect. This is a 43-year-old man by the name of Quishon Brown. CCTV footage transmitted by a witness had confused the individual, who had subsequently made threats against him. “Whoever gave the video to the news and the police is going to have his house burnt down “, he would have declared, according to Commercial Appeal.

A first skin graft while waiting for a 2e in twenty days

His act of cruelty will not go unpunished since he will have to answer for it in court. His victim, she shows extraordinary resilience and fights every day to get better and keep her joy of living.

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The news delivered by Tails of Hope Dog Rescue are quite reassuring. Riona was, in fact, operated on Tuesday, October 18; a first skin graft on the burns of his left hind leg, while waiting for a second on his left front limb. In the meantime, she will wear protection for 21 days to allow her wound to heal in the best conditions.



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