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Rodez. Almost 250 loans granted by Initiative Aveyron

Once again, the Initiative Aveyron network renewed its partnership with Crédit Agricole Nord-Midi-Pyrénées. The opportunity to remind that the structure works thanks to almost 200 volunteers and local partners such as consular and financial institutions, municipalities, local and national companies. A permanent team is also provided by CCI.

The Initiative Aveyron network, through its offices located in the department, made it possible in 2022 to grant 247 honorary loans, i.e. more than €2,000,000 committed, for an average amount of around €9,000. According to the Initiative Aveyron network, these loans have created or preserved 600 jobs. Guy Cayssials, the chairman of the structure, welcomes the renewal of this partnership, while “We had a record year in terms of the number of committee meetings, examined projects and also supported entrepreneurs”.

The recent launch of an honorary loan to promote local agricultural production was the source of 11 project financing dossiers. The funds should make it possible to support the creation of activities in micro-sectors, the development of short circuits or even processing projects on the farm.



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