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Roofer worker, he saves a cat in distress near Caen

The cat was dizzy and was stuck on the roof for two days. Billy went to his rescue at Cuverville, near Caen. ©Freedom

The meows of a catperched on top of the roof of a house on rue Blain de Fontenay in Cuvervillenear Caen (Calvados), challenged neighbors and onlookers this Sunday, October 9, 2022.

A scared and stressed cat

The beast seemed frightened and stressed, reluctant to want to come down despite the efforts of each other to call or attract it.

If the cat does not belong to her, the owner of the house ended up calling the town hall who dispatched the surveillance agent of the public highway of the commune. He went there to try to intervene. But how to get this cat down? He tried many approaches with professionals, firefighters, SPA, roofing companies, sweeping, etc., who would agree to make a free intervention. Alas without success!

” I like animals “

Billy Frémont, resident of the neighboring town of Démouville, and roofing worker at FHD in Verson, for his part, gladly agreed to come after his day with a ladder and a roof ladder this Tuesday, October 11, at the start of the evening. “I love animals,” he said to modestly explain his gesture.

Within seconds, the cat let himself approach, and Billy lowered him, holding him in his arms. Of course, once on the ground, the animal did not ask for its rest and fled through the garden to find its household.

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