Rubato, the tool that is revolutionizing the daily lives of lawyers

The average annual increase of 3% in the number of lawyers for a decade testifies to the timeless attractiveness of the bar. Nevertheless, it remains a rigorous profession which draws a certain number of disenchanted people towards retraining each year. In order to alleviate their condition, marked daily by a workload as Herculean as it is laborious, Rubato has developed management software that promises to optimize the profitability of practices.

Marked by obligations that require great daily rigor, life at the firm is far from easy. On average, lawyers find themselves having to manage no less than a hundred files simultaneously, which require between 3 and 18 months to process. This colossal follow-up usually requires 3900 tasks to be performed for its smooth running. This results in an average of more than 60 hours of weekly work which undeniably translates into a stressful situation considered by 78% of professionals as an excessive mental load.

Aware of the difficulties encountered by these legal professionals whose salary does not always follow the disproportionate involvement, Rubato developed in 2019, the only software capable of transforming practice management into a real production chain. Freed from administrative and recurring tasks thanks to Rubato and its new functionalities, lawyers can concentrate on their core business: legal expertise.

This optimization of work organization, which facilitates as much as it improves collaborative work, then mainly affects the firm’s profitability. Using automated and customizable case-generated production sequences, the day-to-day load lightens up as the mental load and risk of exploitation dissipates.

This revolutionary 100% French work tool is also distinguished by its reliability in terms of data security. Indeed, out of respect for the ethics and professional secrecy inherent in the profession, all content relating to the subscriber’s account is hashed and encrypted before being integrated into the servers, located in France. Moreover, in order to guarantee the sovereignty of user data, no subcontracting or external dependencies are requested since all the lines of code have been written internally by the Rubato team.

Rubato can now boast of national coverage regardless of the profile of lawyer or firm. Thanks to personalized support, Rubato becomes the key to the profitability of law firms.

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