Russia has shown no “significant” willingness to end war, US says

Russia will find an “antidote” to the American Patriot missiles delivered to Kiev

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Thursday that the Russian army would find one “antidote” to bypass the Patriot air defense system that the US will supply to Ukraine, which is in full swing from Moscow’s bombardment.

“As for Patriot, it’s a pretty old system. It doesn’t seem like [le système russe] S-300. But our opponents assume it is a defensive weapon. Okay, we have to keep that in mind. And there is always an antidote”, Putin said at a press conference. He added that the Patriots’ delivery was “in vain”. “It is only a way of prolonging the conflict. »

“Our goal is not to turn the conflict like a flywheel, but on the contrary to end this war, and we strive for that.said the Russian president. All armed conflicts end with talks. The sooner Kiev understands this, the better. »

Putin once again defended the launch of the offensive in Ukraine at the end of February, assuring that he had had no“another choice” to “defend people” in this country. “The roots between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine are stronger than those who try to divide us”he said again.

He accused Russia’s enemies, led by the United States, of having “always” tried to share “Russian World”which, according to the Kremlin, brings together all the Russian-speaking populations. “Our possible enemies, our adversaries have always dreamed of this and have always done this, they have tried to divide us and rule us in separate pieces”he declared.

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