Sailing: start of the Sydney-Hobart race and records set to fall

More than 100 yachts set off on Monday for a new edition of the legendary race between Syndey and Hobart, whose favorable conditions this year could break records.

Hundreds of spectators took part in the start sydney bay under a brilliant sun that dispersed the morning’s thick fog.

At the sound of the gun, 109 sailboats took off on this 628-mile classic (just under 1,200 km) between the city of Sydney and the Hobart in Tasmaniawhich passes through bass strait where the weather conditions are sometimes very muscular.

This time, the forecast announces a “fresh to strong” wind from the north and then from the northeast, which could allow the largest yachts, “supermaxis” of more than 100 feet (33 meters) to break the record since 2017. by the sailboat Comanche: one day, nine hours, 15 minutes and 24 seconds.

“The world will learn which is the fastest boat upwind”

Mark Richards, skipper of the sailboat Wild Oatsnine-time winner in this race, explained that his crew had prepared precisely for this kind of condition.

“We put all our eggs in one basket and bet all our money on black bets on headwinds (winds coming from behind) and we end up with exactly that,” he said on the ABC channel. “The world will learn which boat is the fastest upwind,” he said.

The faces of Wild Oats three other supermaxi : Andoo Comanche, Black Jack, winner last year, and LawConnect.

The 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race got off to a fast and dramatic start today.

The assisting upwind conditions as the boats turn right at the Heads could see the first boat cross the finish line as early as tomorrow evening.

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— Rolex Sydney Hobart (@rshyr) 26 December 2022

That Forecast is very important in this race, the first edition of which took place in 1945. The smaller boats, which do not arrive in Hobart until Tuesday, could therefore face more difficult conditions with stronger winds. In 1998, a violent storm decimated the race, leaving six dead, five boats sunk and 55 sailors rescued.

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