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Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse shares cute photos of her baby and her cat

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Marc-André Grondin have been the happy parents since last spring of an adorable little boy named Lawrence.

The mother often shares pictures of her daily life with Lawrence on her social networks.

Recently, she shared pictures of her baby trying to approach her cat and pet it. And the schnapps are especially sweet!

Here is what she mentioned in her social media post:

“Believe in your dreamz 🤓”

However, Sarah-Jeanne received a lot of criticism in the comments when her baby appeared to pull the cat’s ears quite hard in one of the videos.

Here’s what she said in the comments about contact between her baby and her cat after receiving these criticisms:

“It is indeed risky to let a child touch an animal. I trusted my judgment. I think my baby and my cat need to be in contact (supervised) to learn to live together. I will teach him, and I count on it. But yes, it takes a risk until it is well integrated. I think we all learn by taking calculated risks. But I want to understand that it is not unanimous and that we question the division. »

This has the advantage of being clear!

Here are photos of Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse’s baby and cat… And Lawrence looks so happy to finally be able to touch the cat in photo #4!

Here are all the images to view below by moving with the arrows below each image:

1Lawrence and the cat



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