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Savings optima: a new vision for savings from the UAB assurances Group

• A multimedia savings and investment product

• Open to legal and natural persons over the age of 18

• Minimum contribution of 30,000 FCFA over a minimum of 10 years

In the middle the CEO of the UAB ASSURANCES Group, Jean Damascène Nignan. (Ph. Yvan Sama).

“UAB ASSURANCES Group has always put innovation at the center of its strategy to offer the best to all its customers and partners. Our vision is to anticipate changes in our environment and thus our customers’ needs, and to meet the demands of our time,” it said CEO of UAB ASSURANCES Group, Jean Damascène Nignan. It was during the presentation to customers of the company’s new product called “OPTIMA SAVINGS”. The official product launch ceremony was held on November 17, 2022 in Ouagadougou.

The head of commercial animation at UAB ASSURANCES Group, Roméo Somé. (Ph. Yvan Sama).

SAVINGS OPTIMA is a multi-support life insurance contract with variable capital which allows the subscriber to guarantee both savings and an investment in units of account in a mutual fund (FCP) of his choice. “That is, part of the premium is invested in traditional insurance with a return of around 3.5% and the other part is invested in FCP, which allows the insured to still have a level of much higher remuneration , sometimes even reaching double the minimum rate of 3.5% ,” explained Mr Nignan.

SAVING OPTIMA actually consists of two pockets. A pocket of honest funds (50% of the insurance premium) invested and remunerated as a classic life insurance product (3.5% gross). It should be noted that this part of the savings is fully guaranteed and safe. The other pocket (50% of the insurance premium) is invested in an FCP. The remuneration of this part depends on the FCP’s return. It can reach 6% or even more.

The benefits of OPTIMA SAVINGS

The photo of the UAB ASSURANCES Group team. (Ph. Yvan Sama).

It is a product that allows you to both save and invest with confidence. It has exceptional performance. At the end of the contract, the UAB ASSURANCES group returns to the subscriber the capital formed in the first pocket, compounded at 3.5% gross interest and increased by profit sharing. The insured also receives the acquired value of the savings linked to the investment fund in the other pocket.

In addition, this product allows you to freely choose funds in units of account and to make free or scheduled payments in the amounts and frequencies you want. It should be noted at this level that there is no penalty if the insured does not pay his premium regularly. EPARGNE OPTIMA also allows you to benefit from a wide range of support, carefully selected by the company, regardless of the investor’s profile.

“This product also allows to take out multiple insurance contracts and monitor one’s investments at all times through a customer advisor who is constantly listening and a digital platform”, added the person in charge of commercial animation, Romeo Some. Can subscribe to this product, natural persons over 18 years of age and legal entities. The minimum contribution is set at 30,000 FCFA for a minimum period of 10 years.oh



The mutual fund

LInvestment funds or mutual funds are based on one principle. This involves pooling the money belonging to investors (savers) and entrusting it to a professional manager who will be responsible for investing it in a varied range of financial securities (stocks, bonds and other financial products). With EPARGNE OPTIMA, the investment funds available are money market, bond and equity funds. oh



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