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Sciences Po: are you ready for the test of contemporary issues?

Prepare for the test of contemporary questions for the joint competition between the Institutes of Political Studies thanks to this quiz from the Ipésup preparation.

On April 23, 2023, several thousand high school students will work on the writings of the provincial Sciences Po competition. This evidence bank opens the door to seven Institutes of Political Studies (IEP): Lille, Lyon, Aix, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Rennes. The competition is open to final year students and those who have obtained their matriculation examination in 2022. In total, almost 1,140 places in the IEP must be filled this year.

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Contemporary issues are a highly strategic matter. The test is sanctioned with a coefficient of 3, the competition’s highest. It takes the form of a thesis and looks like a general knowledge question. The candidate must mobilize his knowledge within several disciplines: history, philosophy, literature, geopolitics, etc.

To help you progress in this discipline, the Ipesup preparation, the reference organization for competition preparation, offers you some training questions. This multiple-choice quiz covers the topics “revolutions” and “fear”.



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