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Search for 2 hidden cats to reveal your intelligence IQ

Personality tests are ways to discover ourselves and to know a little more about our hidden character traits. This is especially the purpose of this challenge that we will propose to you today. It will show how attentive, careful and intelligent you are. Be aware that many people have failed this test because it is considered complicated. Would you be able to give the correct answer?

Your task is to carefully look at the picture above and decide where the two cats are hiding. It will not be necessary for you to think long as time will not be in your favor. The longer it takes you to complete this puzzle, the lower your IQ score also drops. In other words, you will have to show concentration and attention. Avoid distractions that may disturb you while solving this personality test.

Here are some clues to find the two cats hidden in the picture

The first reflex to have is to focus on what the three people in the picture are doing. Thanks to this first instruction, you are supposed to find the first cat. You did it ? The second clue is related to the appearance of the mother and child. It seems that the latter is trying to warn their father about an action. If you haven’t found the animal yet, then the third clue is at the feet of these three people. Were you able to locate the other pet’s location?

The result of this personality test

The first cat lies on the woman’s knee on the chair. She caresses it with her left hand, if you look closely. The other feline, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to find, as it is well hidden. But if you observe closely, it is under the master’s legs. The animal is actually sleeping. Many internet users have mistakenly thought that it is a pillow or a small piece of furniture.

If you could find the two cats in a few seconds, it means that you have a very high intelligence. You are someone who is not easily swayed by appearance. You care about the smallest detail, which is why nothing escapes you. On the other hand, if you have not been able to pass the puzzle, we invite you to complete other puzzles to sharpen your intelligence. These tests also allow us to learn more about you.



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