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Seine-et-Marne: faced with the risk of cuts, hospitals ready for all scenarios

The three hospitals in South 77 are ready for any eventuality in the event of a power cut ©RSM77/YV

Vigilance and anticipation: if Benoît Fraslin, director of the three hospitals in South 77 (Fontainebleau, Nemours and Montereau) received confirmation that its establishments would not be affected by any load reduction, everything is clear: “Yes, it is a subject that mobilizes us and we have put things in place to avoid cuts on our hospitals. We have clearly identified our delivery points with Enedis, which concerns both our hospitals and our nursing homes, for which we have different autonomies”. Thus, although the health service is a priority, the hospitals have an autonomy of 48 hours and the Ephad of “a few hours”, thanks to the generators powered by fuel oil, “which allows us to face a degraded scenario for two hours without difficulty.

Every month we test our generators

Benoît Fraslin

The problem of power outages is not new: We were able to deal with hazards such as the floods in Nemours and Montereau, or breakdowns due to old infrastructure as in Fontainebleau. Every month we carry out tests on the generator sets because we are never safe from failure”. There is a 24-hour technical guard and “although we are considered a priority customer, we would be informed in the event of a power cut in our geographical area. There will be someone present to check that our groups start well. We are aware of the subject and always careful with our electrical infrastructures”.

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