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Selfies and a dog help arrest international drug traffickers

A drug trafficker caused his downfall by sending a picture of his dog over an encrypted communications platform so British investigators could identify him and dismantle his organized crime.

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It was while sharing a photo of his dog Bob that Danny Brown, 55, revealed the pot of roses in his plot to ship 448 kilos of MDMA worth £45 million ($75 million) to Australia.

By monitoring EncroChat, where the chats took place, National Crime Agency investigators zoomed in on the phone number listed on the pet’s tag, proving Brown was involved in the case.

Brown and her partner Stefan Baldauf, 62, also posted inadvertent selfies on the chat platform, providing further evidence.

The two men thus planned to hide the drugs in the arm of an industrial excavator and were sent to Australia.

“These men thought they were safe on EncroChat, but my agents did an excellent and thorough job gathering evidence against them using a mix of traditional and modern detective skills,” Chris Hill, chief operating officer, said in a statement. by NCA.

“The accidental selfies of Brown and Baldauf and the photo of Bob the dog were the icing on the cake to prove who was using these levers,” he added.
Brown was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Baldauf to 28 years.



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