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Sète: the call for help from the association for the defense of the animal cause APSA

In this critical period and in order to implement its 2023 projects, the association calls for solidarity.

The Apsa, Help, protection and rescue of animals, needs support more than ever during this winter period.

Accomplishments, but still projects to be done

Thanks to the support of the city, which has set up a delegation for the condition of animals since the last local elections, the association can note several advances, such as the provision of a room for stray cats in recovery before being put back on the free chat site as required by law; securing nesting sites (protected birds, turtles, etc.); the Green Brigade’s intervention against catching goldfinches; the security at the request of the people who provide the feeding of the free cats at the shelters that the volunteers make available to them, or the project of creating a place for the free cats to be relocated.

Volunteers or host families can make themselves known

As part of other planned actions in 2023, Animal Aid, Protection and Rescue is looking for volunteers, foster families, members and donors.



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