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She bumps into her ex on the street, her dog’s incredible reaction astounds her

© She bumps into her ex on the street, her dog’s incredible reaction stunned her

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When a couples break upit is not only the two parties who suffer but also the livestock. The proof of this is in a TikTok video where a dog sees his owner’s ex again and runs towards him as if to hug him. A moving video that has gone viral online.

A young woman found her ex on a walk and her dog’s reaction went viral

Everyone reacts differently when they accidentally meet an old love. And in some cases, something unexpected happens.

This is how a young woman was walking her dog when she suddenly ran into her ex.

It had been 18 months since the dog, a Golden Retriever, had not seen his mistress’s ex.

His dog does not take his eyes off the wall, he puts on a camera and makes an unimaginable discovery!

So as soon as the ex appeared in his field of vision on a sidewalk, the dog started pulling on the leash, until his mistress is forced to let him run to him to celebrate.

The author of the video is Camila Perman, who was walking down the street with her dog when she came face to face with her ex. The man himself happily returned the love to the dog, whom he nuzzled and petted.

Camila then filmed the sequence and then posted it on TikTok, testifies to how emotionally attached dogs are to us humansand remains engraved in their memory for a long time, even for many years.

“It was so nice to see them together”, Camilla then admitted. And not without confirming that this meeting had also given them a chance to reconnect.

“He followed us home to make sure we arrived safe and sound”, then told the dog’s mistress.

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Animals with deep sensitivity

A dog is in truth able to fully enjoy every interaction with the people he loves.

Not only do dogs love us because we feed and protect them. But for them, we are their family, their companion and their world.

Dogs are animals that have a deep sensitivity, especially towards people.

For a dog, the most important thing is therefore not only to have toys. But also to spend time with the person he loves and to receive all the love possible.

In fact, the relationship between dog and master is almost magical. A deep bond that is created over time. It is based on mutual trust and unconditional love.

No other relationship cannot be compared to the relationship between dog and owner.

In addition, numerous scientific studies have shown how having a faithful four-legged friend can improve the quality of life. And both psychologically and biologically.



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