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she finds her cat eight years after its disappearance!

The animal had been taken in by another family, who had obviously not bothered to take it to the vet.

If it’s not a Christmas miracle, it looks a lot like it. Eight and a half years after losing her cat named Fuschia, a resident of the Endoume district of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), she discovered that her pet was still alive and was even able to recover it.

As she herself says in an interview with France Bleu, at the time of Fuschia’s disappearance, her mistress had nevertheless done everything to try to find her, and she pasted notices around her home: “I think that the inhabitants in Endoume remember it! I had put it on all the waste containers in the neighborhood, on all the poles, in the shops. I even created a Facebook page”.

Taken in by another family, in another district of Marseille

All these efforts had proved futile, however, as the mother of the family had never been able to gather the slightest clue that would allow her to find her cat. So it was finally almost a decade later, when she and her loved ones had long since given up all hope of seeing Fuschia again, that this friend of animals received an unexpected call from a veterinarian in another district of Marseille.

The professional told him amazing news: by scanning the identification chip of a cat that had been brought to him by a client, the database had informed him that it was Fuschia! “The people who kept her had never taken her to the vet in eight and a half years, which is still quite special, notes the cat’s actual owner. She was suffering from cystitis. As a very skilled professional, the vet scanned the cat’s cats. microchip and then, that it was declared lost or stolen.”

“It was enough to go to a vet to have it scanned, or to the SPA”

Having probably gotten lost in Marseille, the cat had therefore been taken in by another family who had taken care of her without wondering if she happened to have another owner. “We are very angry with the people who took her in because there is a national case for pets called I-cad, explains Fuschia’s mistress. Cats and dogs are chipped, it was enough to go to a vet to get it scanned. or to SPA.”

More than eight years later, Fuschia has therefore returned to its original home. According to the testimony of her mistress, she would have recognized the latter as well as her daughter. “She wasn’t scared, she’s happy, confirms the legitimate owner of the animal, always quoted by France Bleu. I followed the advice of my vet and an animal behavior expert I know: I isolated Fuschia for two days in a room at my own discretion in the house and I slept with her.” In this season of end-of-life celebrations, this family could hardly have hoped for a better gift.

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