She goes out on the terrace to feed the stray cats, and that’s the big surprise

She goes out on the terrace to feed the stray cats, and that’s the big surprise

Every day this woman feeds the stray cats. But that day she discovered someone new that she had never seen before.

He caught her attention with his strange gait.

And it wasn’t until she looked closer that she realized he had no back legs. This gave the kitten a resemblance to some kind of dinosaur.

In her life, Merin had known cats that had no front legs; it was very difficult for them to stand on their hind legs, like a kangaroo. But she had never seen a cat without hind legs, and it seemed to her that the situation was much more complicated.

The lovely woman saw the kitten trying to eat, but her other, stronger cat siblings pushed her away and prevented her from eating. Merin then realized that he would not last long.

She wanted to take him but he moved on and so did she incredibly surprised. She didn’t know that with only two front legs he could be so fast. Merin decided to at least try to tame it gradually.

So day after day he turns to this woman who tries to win his heart by offering him a series of treats. The time came when she could take the little kitten she named Rocket.

The kitten therefore returned to Merin. But in the beginning he was afraid of everything, cried loudly and hid in various hard-to-reach corners.

But time did its job: the young cat got used to it and stayed a real house cat.

And of course he was madly in love with Merin.

When the cat became calmer, Merin also introduced her to the other animals in the house, as she had several cats. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and family.

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