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She introduces a kitten to her much older cat, their reaction melts her heart (video)

The owner of an adult cat and now a kitten wanted to see the reaction of the first when he got to know the newcomer. She was not disappointed.

Submit a 2e cat to the one you already have, you must prepare properly. You can never be sure of one or the other’s reaction. If the introductions are not made correctly and in case of incompatibility of moods, the meeting can quickly go very badly. Fortunately, this is not what happened with the 2 felines in question here.

This is actually what we can realize in a video posted on the account TikTok@_oliver__katten_ ”, conveyed by Pets helpful and a total of over 303,000 views. Shows olivesthe adult cat with the beautiful gray fur, in the company of the new family member, both lying still on a table.

Illustration of the article: She introduces a kitten to her much older cat, their reaction melts her heart (video)
@_oliver__katten_ / TikTok

The oldest is completely relaxed, while the kitten, also grey, tenderly licks its head. Their mistress, who had some misgivings before they brought them together, was able to quickly understand that she had no reason to worry about their arrangement; this one is just perfect.

Here is the video:


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? I think I like it when it rains – WILLIS

A few tips to make presentations go as smoothly as possible

Most experts point out that it is important to proceed gradually and be patient when adopting a kitten and already have an adult cat.

Getting a cat to coexist with a young feline begins with scent contact. The goal is for each of the animals to become familiar with the smell of the other by offering the oldest kitten’s transport box (empty) to sniff.

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The cats can then see each other, but from a distance, without physical contact. It is only when we have found that they are both sufficiently calm that it is possible to let them meet. Everyone must be able to escape at any time if they feel the need (toward the cat tree, a high place, a shelter, etc.), but we must remember to close the exits to avoid any risk of running away.




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