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Should you let your dog eat grass?

If you are one of those whose dog can’t stop eating grass, your various walks will have undoubtedly made it clear to you that your pet is not alone. More than 80% of dogs would actually share this habit. But ScienceAlert wonders: What mystery do most dogs share in this taste for grass and tall grass?

Contrary to popular belief, stomach pain is not what causes dogs to eat grass to make themselves throw up. But several studies have shown that this is not the case and that dogs disturbed by a painful digestive system tend to eat less grass than others.

Likewise, it is common to hear that they consider the herb to be a source of fiber combined with a natural laxative. But there is no experiment to support this claim. In fact, it seems that the reason for this urge to eat grass is much more simplistic than that: it is simply a sign that they are hungry. The tests carried out show that the hungrier a dog is, the more it will tend to nibble grass.


In any case, it is permissible to wonder whether you should allow your dog to practice this kind of hobby. Of course, everything depends on the quality of the grass he swallows. Is it likely to have been treated with harmful products such as herbicides? The grass in the park near you may have been treated; it may be better to prevent your dog from enjoying it and direct him to more natural and less risky herbs.

Treated lawns retain traces of chemicals for about forty-eight hours, and they are actually found in the urine of dogs that have eaten them, as demonstrated by a study conducted in 2013. However, research also indicates that there may be a connection, though not yet demonstrated, between exposure to the herbicide and bladder cancer in dogs.

Furthermore, we are advised against eating plants exposed to herbicide spraying, as humans are just as exposed to its dangers as dogs.

If you use herbicide at home, it is better to take a few preventive measures, such as putting the dog away and bringing all the accessories related to him (toys, bowls) – as you would for a child.

It is also important to respect the drying time indicated on the packaging and therefore prevent the dog from returning to play and eat in the grass before the end of the indicated time. This is especially important with granular pesticides or fertilizers that penetrate the soil, as most can take up to several days to dry out.



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