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Simpego chooses Earnix Telematics solution to expand possibilities in smart insurance business

Earnix’s fully operational telematics solution goes beyond generating results to reveal behavioral patterns and improve the customer experience

LONDON–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Earnix, a global provider of essential intelligent, cloud-based, composable product pricing and personalization solutions for the insurance and banking industries, today announced that Simpego, a fully online Swiss insurance company and leading within dynamic and machine learning (ML) based pricing, has chosen Earnix Drive-It, a complete pay-as-you-go insurance and telematics solution. The Earnix Drive-It solution combines an app that collects robust data on braking, acceleration, distraction, speed, cornering and other real driving events with AA and AI capabilities to produce personalized predictive results.

Earnix Drive-It rapidly improves telematics capabilities with a fully operational solution by integrating with Earnix Price-It, an end-to-end pricing and scoring solution used by Simpego since 2018. It can be flexibly integrated into existing systems and operationalizes new behavioral data sources. By aligning quotes with actual behavior, insurers can more accurately access and price risk factors, unlock new premiums and increase operational efficiency.

“After a thorough evaluation of several telematics solutions, Earnix was the clear winner,” says Michael Ammann, Head of Underwriting at Simpego. “The app’s capabilities, combined with highly accurate reporting of driver behavior and seamless integration with our existing Earnix pricing solution, gives us the flexibility, agility and control we need.”

With Earnix Drive-It, both insurance companies and policyholders reap benefits quickly. Frictionless onboarding and data capture, designed for scalability, allows the contract holder to download Earnix Drive-It from the app store, sign up and then drive. High consistency and quality of trip data via sensor fusion helps identify specific driving behaviors such as kilometers driven, acceleration frequency, cornering, hard braking and phone use.

“The Earnix Drive-It solution is truly in a category of its own,” explained Adrian Coupland, Head of Insurance for EMEA at Earnix. “Our Earnix Drive-It telematics solution is directly integrated into our market-leading pricing and scoring solution, so our customers can fully benefit from real-time driving and risk data without delay. »

The Earnix Drive-It solution can be implemented as an app-only option or integrated into the vehicle’s equipment. Easy access to an operational telematics solution is the key to rapid implementation and customer satisfaction.

About Simpego

Simpego Assurances SA, headquartered in Zurich, was founded in 2016 as Dextra Assurances SA. The company is an insurance company specializing in online insurance. It is the only independent online car insurance that has its own insurance license in Switzerland. For more information about Simpego Assurances SA, visit our website (

About Earnix

Earnix is ​​the leading provider of essential intelligent, cloud-based, composable solutions for pricing, estimating, drafting, product customization and telematics. These fully integrated solutions deliver a very rapid return on investment and are designed to transform the way global insurers and banks are run by creating value across all facets of the business. Innovating for insurance companies and banks since 2001, Earnix has clients in more than 35 countries on six continents and has offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Israel.

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