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Small abused and abandoned dogs in the USA are looking for a family in the Cotentin

Tansy Forster and Denise Simmonds, with their adopted dogs, Bert, Bella, Teddy, Grace, Henry and Tony.

Tansy Forster, an Englishman who has lived in Houesville (Manche) for twenty years, works with an American association, USA Dogs Bless You (“Dogs bless you”), which rescues abused dogs, leftand transports them to France, to reduce the number of euthanasia of adoptable dogs.

Small dogs are popular in France

Euthanasia in the United States is very different from that practiced in France where the animal does not suffer. Over there, there is the use in many conditions of barbaric and painful means: gas chambers, puncturing the heart without sedatives… The dogs that can be adopted in the kilos are in excess. Only every tenth dog finds a home because an animal deposited at the pound generally only has 72 hours to live. It results 13,000 euthanasia per day “, state the association’s members.

According to Tansy, the association’s representative in Normandy, it is often small dogs, more popular in France than in the United States. “So it’s easier for them to move here. »

Dogs are identified in the United States before they are taken care of by the association that treats them.

They carry out all the necessary examinations to check their health. The association then does what is necessary to process them. They are sterilized, chipped and vaccinated. They are even assessed: are they shy or fierce? Do they like children, cats, other dogs?

Tansy ForsterRepresentative of the USA Dogs Bless You association in Normandy

Small dogs are transported by flight attendants. Meanwhile, people like Tansy are trying to find home for dogs.

We will put them on the Facebook page and if anyone is interested, they can contact us. The association also assesses potential families and wants to ensure that people have time to dedicate themselves to the dog.

Tansy ForsterRepresentative of the USA Dogs Bless You association in Normandy

The British already have five dogs as well as more cats At her place. The adopter must also sign a certificate of commitment as required by law.

“Traumatic experiences”

She is constantly looking for housingas with the three little dogs that arrived on December 15, 2022.

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Sometimes dogs have had traumatic experiences, they may be nervous at first. You have to be kind and patient, but in general they adapt well to their new family,” she says.

The price for adopting a dog is 295 euros (plus 35 euros for the association).

Facebook: USA Dogs bless you.

From our correspondent Madeleine HILL

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