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Social security budget: biologists ready to disconnect from the Covid test file – 26/10/2022 at 06:00

Contrary to the “blind plan” of the social security budget, which wants to impose on them 250 million euros in savings per year, biologists announced on Wednesday that they will stop feeding the national file with Covid screening tests (SI -DEP) from Thursday.

“Faced with the deafness of the public authorities, we have decided to suspend the transmission of screening data on the SI-DEP platform from October 27”, declared the president of the Alliance for Medical Biology, Alain Le. Die, opposite AFP.

If patients continue to receive their results, “there will be no further possible follow-up of the epidemic,” he warns. Laboratories will no longer be reimbursed by health insurance – a loss estimated at €14 million per week.

The profession thus intends to “send a message” to the government, which has not amended its social security financing law, which allows for “a reduction of prices by decree” in the absence of an “agreement that provides significant savings” before the 1 February to “at least 250 million

“We assume to ask for efforts from the biology laboratories”, repeated the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, on Tuesday in the Senate, justifying the measure with “an already high profitability before the crisis” and further increased by an increase of more than 7 billion “revenue related to testing” for two years.

However, the biologists have proposed limiting the puncture to the single year 2023 during Covid’s surplus. “Agreed for an exceptional contribution, but not for a totally blind plane”, sums up Le Meur, who warns that biologists are “capable of going further”, up to “a strike if the government does not understand” .

The examination of the Secu budget in the Assembly, interrupted by the use of 49.3 on the “revenue part”, was resumed on Wednesday evening in the “expenses” section, where the disputed article appears.




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