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Solidarity workshops: a good way to save money on your car bill!

As you know, maintaining a car can be quite expensive. And when you see the cost of certain repairs, it’s enough to make people cringe! You wish low savings on your car bill? Go through one solidarity garage ! What is it and what are its benefits? informs you on the subject!

What is a solidarity garage?

Have you ever heard of solidarity garages ? Or participatory, collaborative or self parking ? In short, regardless of their name, the principle of these centers is the same: to offer you repair your car yourself.

To this, of many tools made available to you. So you can rent or buy equipment or maintenance products for your car. Need help or advice? By the automotive professionals is also present to help you with the repair of your vehicle.

Association workshops are part of social assistance for people who have financial difficulties.

The services offered by a solidarity garage

By going to a collaborative workshop, you can either repair your car yourselfor do it repair by a specialist at a lower price.

Furthermore, whether you are a Novice or one experienced mechanicsolidarity workshops allow you to carry out certain car repairs or maintenance operations such as:

  • Vehicle maintenance (oil change, filter check, etc.);
  • Repair or replacement of the exhaust;
  • Repair or replacement of the clutch;
  • Replacement of brake pads and discs;
  • Replacement of suspensions;
  • Replacement of certain parts (ball joints, mirrors, wiper blades, etc.).
Note that it is also possible to follow mechanical training with car specialists in these association workshops!

The advantages of a solidarity garage

people giving the thumbs up with a wrench

In addition to being able to auto repair training and to acquire new skills, going through an association garage has a significant advantage: saving money. In fact, you can make up to 40% savings at your expense compared to a traditional garage.

If you only need to change a tire or do an oil change, going to this type of garage can be very profitable!

How to take advantage of the benefits of a solidarity garage?

Solidarity garages are state-supported associations. In total there is almost 200 self parking in France.

You want to take advantage of the services offered and pay less for repairs of your car? In this case, you must register in a solidarity garage as a member. Like many associations, a annual subscription then you will be asked. The amount of the latter will depend on the solidarity garage. General count between €10 and €150.

Looking for a shared garage near you? Go to sites like Where

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