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South Africa: Supporters are already ready!

The Vélodrome stadium is sold out on Saturday night for the prestigious rugby match between France and South Africa. If the Roosters are on a very good momentum with 11 wins in a row, with in particular a victory in extremis achieved on Saturday October 5 against Australia, they face them the reigning world champions, determined to retain their title during the next World Cup, which will take place in 2023 in France.

As for the tricolor supporters, the confidence of a victory is marked by vigilance. ” France will win, even if it gets complicated”, assures Stéphane, who came from Haute-Loire expressly for the occasion. Although the two teams face each other in a friendly, the stakes remain high, supports Olivier, decked out in the Quinze de France shirt and tricolor stripes drawn on the cheeks: ” every game counts. If we win, it’s an achievement! “.

Sitting in the brasserie O fifteen in the old harbour, the French supporters raise the mood as they play music without ever holding an empty glass of beer! The South African spring boxers can also count on their audience, which is present not far from the old port. Installed on the terrace, a group of South African friends, who came from London on purpose for the meeting, struggle to give a forecast. ” It can be very tight ” says one of them with a smile.

The outcome of the meeting is more uncertain than ever. But what is already certain is the enthusiasm and joy of the supporters before this gala meeting!




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