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SPA moves heaven and earth to find the family of this cat, from whom he has been separated for 2 years

It was a very special set of circumstances that prevented Mao from returning to his home as soon as possible. The members of SPA de Chartres had difficulty getting hold of its owners, but fortunately they did not escape.

Mao ran away from his home in Illiers-Combray in Eure-et-Loir in 2020. His owners, saddened by his disappearance, did not imagine that their cat had not actually left the city and that he had stayed near their house for 2 years.

A resident of the town had entrusted the cat to SPA de Chartres, who will then move heaven and earth to find the tomcat’s masters, reports Chartres news. During 24 long months of research, the volunteers will face obstacles, but they will not be deterred.

“A real puzzle”

The association’s members admit to having used i.a. ICAD Statements, Pet Alert to get hold of the owner of Mao. While they thought they had succeeded, they will suffer a first failure…

The identification referred us to an owner who had cats but was not Mao’s owner. Nothing matched “. The situation seemed completely illogical, but in reality the problem was somewhere else. The name of the person contacted was actually the same as the owner of Mao ! The namesakes not only had the same first and last name, but also an almost identical email address.

Once the problem is solved, Mao was able to return to his home and end this long period of separation. He immediately recognized his beloved masters. It is a story that ends well, thanks to the unfailing commitment of the volunteers SPA.



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