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Star Academy 2022: after the show, these two contestants are ready to live together

Two candidates from Star Academy 2022 are ready to live under the same roof

This Saturday, 26 November 2022, is the final of the Star Academy 2022 on TF1! The finalists are Léa, Enola, Louis and Anisha (PRBK revealed the first ratings of the winner/winner). And the students who left the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys are already thinking about what to do next after the show. And two candidates are ready to live together!

Enola has revealed that he wants to live under the same roof as Louis. A project that the academic unveiled his project on Télé Loisirs: “We need a roommate”, “I just tell him to come and live with me. He’s quite fond of the idea!”. They managed to build a beautiful friendly relationship with strong bonds: “It’s a real, very genuine friendship. I will call him very regularly”.

Enola stressed for the future: “It scares me a lot”, “I wonder if I’ll be able to handle this”

After the final in StarAcEnola is a little afraid of a return to reality. “Yes, it scares me a lot. We’re not used to receiving so much attention and love. We don’t learn to receive so much, so I wonder if I’ll be able to handle it and if I’ll come to handle it.” she confided, about the release of the show and the infamous, that she will have to learn to manage.

“We realize this is the end, we spent a month and a half in isolation when I feel like 3 months have passed” clarified Enola, “There is stress because for the first time in six weeks we will be confronted with an exterior that we do not know. There are many questions and concerns.”.



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