Storm in the US: already 32 dead and a number that may still rise

As the terrible storm continues, many people are still missing, especially in Buffalo, not far from the Canadian border.

The dramatic toll continues to rise in the US, battered by a terrible winter storm for several days. A “low-pressure bomb”, qualified as historic, caused temperatures to drop to -48°C and freezing winds which crossed the center and east of the country.

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As of Monday, December 26, US authorities have confirmed at least 32 deaths in eight states. The majority of these deaths would have occurred on the roads, where the ice and the lack of visibility caused many accidents.

NEW VIDEO: Snow blowers reach the height of SUVs in the Buffalo area as this historic blizzard gradually subsides. Some cars have been abandoned in the middle of the roads during the height of the lake-effect blizzard. #NYwx #snow

—WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) 25 December 2022

And the toll can increase further, especially in upstate New York. On the border of Canada, in the county of Erie, where we already deplore thirteen deaths, we really fear to find other victims. “There are people stuck in their cars for more than two days and others in houses where the temperatures are freezing,” local elected official Mark Poloncarz feared. The city of Buffalo is the epicenter of all concerns, with electricity not expected to return until Monday during the day, with snowfall still expected.

The situation should improve by the middle of the week. But until then, the macabre count should continue.

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