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Stuck overnight in a PVC tube, a cat rescued by firefighters in Antibes

It was Thursday evening that the little feline would have gotten itself into dirty trouble by getting stuck, head first, in a PVC tube at the level of the parking lot of the Saint-Maymes school, in Antibes.

Before being rescued by the animal rescue group of firefighters, Friday June 17 between 11 a.m. and noon.

Alive after 12 hours in the tube

Wounded, without knowing the seriousness of his injury, the animal was transported to a veterinarian in Nice, in the Pasteur district, via the municipal animal pound in Nice.

A possible owner of the animal had put in touch with the carer but it is not about his pet, ultimately.

Requested, neither of the two structures have for the moment wished to communicate on the state of health of the cat, which was alive and well at the end of the afternoon according to the testimonies collected.




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