Sud-Aveyron: 2,500 runners ready to take the start of the Hivernale des Templiers

The race from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon still attracts just as many runners. This fifth edition is based on the same foundation as the previous ones.

She grew up in the shadow of the traditional Templar Festival, “but will never be that important”, assures Gilles Bertrand, its creator. However, the Hivernale des Templiers is one of the largest gatherings of runners in the region and in France. It took time to mature, refine and get its full flavor in step with the fleurins.

Sunday they stay 2,500 to start of one of five races arranged (a night of 5 km departs on Saturday). The bibs had no problem hanging on. “Two races are full, we have increased the capacity of four”, admits Gilles Bertrand. Only downside to Astragale, the Queen’s event (67km for 2,290m elevation gain), “we want a hundred runners less, I don’t know how to explain it”.

A unique crossing of Larzac

This fifth edition will not change anything about its formula, which has already proven itself. Every year, the weather in December dictates its uniqueness. Last year it was snow, this year the rain is coming. “We take what we get, smiled the organizer. It’s so moody here yesterday (Wednesday, editor’s note) we had a sea of ​​clouds today (Thursday)it’s a little more cloudy… The runners take what they find.”

Even wet, the participants will be able to appreciate the special nature of the crossed landscapes. “The routes are optimized to go where it is most beautiful on paths that are little used, such as cirque Saint-Paul-des-Fonts, cirque Tournemire, the rock of Rocangel, wonders Gilles Bertrand. It’s a nice north-south crossover, with a nice mix of what corresponds to my vision of trail running: to run as much as possible in places to discover.”

Ugo Ferrari as favourite

Hence this great popularity for one of the last events of the year for trail runners. Despite this, a few names stand out. Like that ofHugo Ferrarifrom the Altra team, which finished 26the during the last UTMB©, on Astragalus. Jérémy Nion, winner of the last two editions, will not line up at the start.

At the Marathon de l’Orchis (34.7 km for 1440m elevation gain), it is a local that has the highest Itra rating (International Trail Running Association, editor’s note). it is Dan Aragon who is having a fantastic season. He finished 4the of the Boffi fifties during the Festival des Templiers in October, Luchon won the Aneto trail (42 km) and was second during the Festival des Crêtes (40 km) in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel. “We do not have the ambition to attract the elite to this race.recognizes the organizer. It is an event at the end of the season to have fun. We have about twenty runners who have an Itra rating of more than 750 points.” If the essence of Hivernale is not in the names it attracts, the level will still be raised with good riders who will draw the different pelotons on the different Larzac courses.

The entire weekend’s program

Roquefort-sur-Soulzon welcomes 2,500 runners on Sunday. The first start will be from Astragale (67 km) at 6.30. The runners’ headlamps will then light up the cheese town with a thousand lights. It will be followed by the Marathon de l’Orchis (34.7 km) at 8.50, Rock’shot (16.6 km) at 10.15, Adonis (25.8 km) at 10.40 and finally Carline (13 km) at 11. :50. Access to the village is from Lauras by shuttle bus. Parking will be indicated once on site. Possibility for runners to leave an extra bag in the organisation’s lockers.

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